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Cenotes of Yucatan. Unique adventure in Xenotes.

6 hours


Price per person:
Adult (12-99 y/o)
120 USD
Child (4-11 y/o)
70 USD
Infant (0-3 y/o)
O USD (for free)
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Yucatan is famous for its unique mineral freshwater cave lagoons called cenotes, considered a real treasure of the Peninsula and lost in the tropical jungle. Cenotes are freshwater deep natural wells connected by a system of underground rivers. The name “cenote” comes from the Mayan word “dz’onot” meaning “cave with water”. There are 4 types of cenotes:

  1. Cave cenotes.
    There are the youngest and most mysterious cenotes, because they are located inside the cave, and the color of the water varies from emerald to bright turquoise, when the sun’s rays illuminate the mirror surface through the holes and “windows” in the walls of the caves.
  2. Semi-open cenotes.
    Those cenotes are middle-aged, and they are not yet so old to be expended fully. Semi-open cenotes can be connected and flow from one to another. And their waters are so transparent that they allow you to admire the underwater flora and fauna from the surface.
  3. Open cenotes.
    These are the oldest cenotes, as over time (in some cases even millions of years), the surrounding walls broke down, depriving them of cover. Open cenotes are distinguished by their natural beauty. Mostly, their walls are decorated with plants and flowers of different shades of green, red and orange, and they are home for different species of butterflies and birds.
  4. Ancient cenotes.
    Also for many millions of years, the dome and walls have completely broken down, and the cenotes now resemble more lagoons, since they have absolutely no rock formations. Previously, they were the main sources of water for the ancient Maya and the oases in the middle of the tropical jungle.

Our tour offers you:

  • visit to all four types of cenotes,
  • descend on rappel in the cave cenote
  • steer a canoe at the ancient cenote, 
  • jump off from a cliff into an open cenote, 
  • zip line over the open cenote,
  • snorkel in the semi-open cenote,
  • enjoy a picnic in the tropical jungle.

The tour’s schedule is:

  • We pick you up at the lobby of your hotel (or from the closest meeting point for hotels of downtown of Cancun and Playa del Carmen).
    Please confirm the pick up time and meeting point at the moment of booking the tour.
  • Go to the jungle to enjoy the adventures in the cenotes.
  • Visit the cenotes of four elements (earth, water, fire and sky) and, if desired, in addition to swimming, do the proposed activities.
  •  Picnic in the tropical jungle: a light lunch with wine and beer in addition to soft drinks.
  • Come back to the hotel or meeting point.

  • round transfer (hotel-cenotes park-hotel)
  • companion guide
  • buffet lunch with wine and beer
  • snacks and soft drinks
  • soft drinks
  • tips (optional)
  • towels
  • bathing suites
  • sunscreen
  • hats (because of the sun)

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The guide was informative, professional, attentive and I just can’t say enough to let you know what a great day we had. Smartest thing I ever did finding this company. Absolutely positive all around.
The guide was extremely nice and he was very informed and was happy to answer any questions we had. He led us through various activities at Chichén Itzá and throughout the day to keep us entertained. Would highly recommend this tour and also very welcoming for children as well.
Excellent all around!! Galo was our tour guide and he was incredible! Bus was large and had plenty of space for any souvenirs purchased and bags. All of the stops up to and including the Chichen-Itza was amazing and well worth it. Incredible experience! Highly recommend
Barbara & Andrea
An absolute must, the tour was awsome, the guide explanation were great, the purification ceremony a wonderful experience and the temazcal top ! Swimming at night in the cenote is amazing.
We loved this tour. This is not the typical “go to a restaurant and try different things”, it’s a cultural experience. Very educational and everything that we had was delicious. Our guide explained how the market worked and why it worked that way. Understanding and immersing yourself into a culture is what traveling is about, and that is what this tour does. If your looking for a taste of “real” Mexican foods and culture, this is it!
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